SL Shopping

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LIS'ten has been so blessed with 3 amazing models. They are helping us to update everything in the shop, as we will make Lis'ten into two shops. Lis'ten exclusive for women and men with galla clothing, sexy lingeri ect. and we will keep Lis'ten custom creations for uniforms, menswear, items, curtains, furnitures and ofcause custom creations.

So I would love to introduce my 3 wonderful HOT models here..  For other shopowners I can only recomend them all, as they take their work very seriously and work hard.

I can only recomend them all 3 as models for any store that might need some models, you wont be disapointed with these 3 hotties...


What to say about Charly.. she is my diamond, my best friend and omg she is HOT (but boys, she is taken LOL) Charly is really quick to learn new things, she has not been in sl for long but yet she knows so much allready, She will be my manager of Lis'ten exclusive once we are done updating.. I only got one thing to say about charly, friends dont come better than this... she is simply amazing...

'Mile' as we call him,

(well... I call him 'cutie', cause just look at that avatar he has? OMG )... he is taken by my sweet Charly, they are a match made in heaven. He is kind and caring and always a joy to be around. (and to look at *giggles)

She is a friend I met though Charly

Jamiee is a peach, she is so easy to get along with, she is extremly helpful, sweet and caring and so much fun, theres never a doll moment when Jamiee is around *winks

And she is nothing less than gorgeous